Hugh and Jane (Thompson) McKinley’s Family

With the help of Carol Fleetwood, we think we have identified each person in this photograph correctly.

The parents in the middle are Hugh and Jane (Thompson) McKinley. They are surrounded by their children. There were 9 children, 4 sons and 5 daughters. The children in order by birth: John, Mary Ellen (Minnie), Eliza Jane (Lizzie), Susan Margaret (Susie), Frances Isabella (Franc), Sarah Ann (Sadie), Hugh Lea, William James, and Joseph Andrew.

Back row: William James McKinley, Eliza Jane (Lizzie), John Mckinley, Mary Ellen (Minnie), Frances Isabella (Franc)

Middle Row: Sarah Ann (Sadie), Hugh McKinley, Jane (Thompson) McKinley, Hugh Lea McKinley

Front Row: Joseph Andrew McKinley, Susan Margaret (Susie).

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