McKinley Headstone Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, NY

We went on a trip today to Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY to see if we could find where Sarah Ann (Graham) McKinley is buried. The cemetery itself was very easy to find. I put the street address into the GPS from the website ( and it took us right to the office. The office closes at 4pm. So if you are going to this cemetery get there midday.

The staff in the office were very nice and helpful. I gave them the name and they looked it up in the computer. They took out a paper map and highlighted the way to the lot.

Next they help me with a more detailed map for where we could find the McKinley plot.

On the map we found the McKinley Plot in 1C

I followed the map out to Seneca Ave. In the detailed map I noticed that the Jameson plot was on Seneca Ave and the McKinley Plot was further in from there. We found the Jameson plot and parked the car.

We walked past the Jameson tomb and found the McKinley Headstone under the large tree that is up the hill. The name on the headstone was on the opposite side from Seneca Ave. In the photo below we are looking back down the hill towards the Jameson tomb.

Close up on the headstone.

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